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LED Dance Floor - the ultimate in dance floor lighting


No club owner is now unaware of LED lighting solutions. Many pub and club owners have in fact switched over to this mode of lighting while upgrading the interiors of their venues. Rightly so, since there is hardly anything on the racks which can match up to the sensational and electrifying effect of LED lighting. But have you heard about LED dance floor? Well, if you have not, then you are definitely missing out on something great. This can be the hottest lighting solution for your dance club or night club and is a must if you want to trade the boring dance floor of your pub for something more interesting.
LED dance floor is a video dance floor with limitless possibilities. A number of choices in this category are available and if you are able to choose the right one for your venue, you can be sure that tons of new customers will make a beeline for entry into your club once the news goes out. Dancing amidst an ocean of vivid hues and radiant lights is definitely something novel and no dance fan can stay away from the lure of this. A LED dance floor uses LED technology at its best. If you have already installed LED lighting in your dance bar or nightclub, you must be well aware of the power and glamour of this equipment. LED displays are always exhilarating and a dance floor invested with LED can be the ultimate thing in dance floor lighting.



- LED dance floors are interactive in nature. Not only lights, the LED tiles being pressure sensitive, also offer a unique experience to the dancer while dancing. Even if the dance floor is crowded with people, each individual footstep evokes a response from it. Lights, images and animations on the dance floor therefore dance along with you.

- A LED dance floor can have customizable effects. You can get your company logo included on the floor along with custom scrolling text, slow motion pictures and color/ graphics control.

- Your LED dance floor can also have high resolution stationary images printed on its surface through special printing technology.

Portable LED dance floors are also available and if you want to make your loved ones' birthday party or special event even more special, get one on rent and ignite your dance floor with passion.